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Code Timelines plugin provides a hassle-free way to handle any type of curve through your C++ code in Unreal Engine 4.

In the current version, the following curves are available:
• Float Curves
• Vector Curves
• Linear Color Curves

Since Float Curves are used mostly for interpolation, the plugin has a build-in interpolation system which supports the following types:
• floats
• FVectors
• FRotators
• FQuats

You can assign the initial and target value for your interpolation and bind a function of your choice to fire with the type you desire. The plugin will handle the interpolation and call the bound functions with the updated value! In case you’re trying to interpolate between equal values, the plugin will notify you (by displaying a message in your output log) about that.

Moreover, in case you’re using Float Curves, you can bind multiple functions to fire with a different type depending on your needs.

You can play different type of curves in the same timeline and bind specific functions to fire for each curve, meaning you can play linear color curves with float curves or vector curves with linear color curves (or any additional combination).

Technical Details

The plugin offers the following play options for your timelines:
• Play (plays the timeline from an defined time – you can adjust the time by yourself)
• Play from start (plays the timeline from the start)
• Stop
• Reverse (reverses the timeline from the current time)
• Reverse from end (reverses the timeline from the last available key)
• Play / reverse with or without looping

In addition to the mentioned play options, you can bind a function that fires when the timeline is finished.

A lengthy documentation can be found here.

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