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This plugin provides a fast and hassle free way to integrate a Skills Tree system in your UE4 game without coding. It’s entirely written in C++ and can be used in Blueprint or C++.

Features list

  • A base Skill class that can be modified through Blueprints
  • Skill stats for every skill
  • Level stats table for every skill level
  • Four different skill categories
    • Instant Skill
    • Casting Skill
    • Passive Skill
    • Passive looping Skill
  • Various properties like skill categories (up to 256 different categories supported!), name and description
  • A Skill Unlock Component (attached to every Skill), responsible for the unlock functionality for every skill
    • Inside this component you can add stuff like Required skills that need to be learned in order to learn the current Skill or Number of Required Skills in a specific category
  • A Skills Tree Component that manages all of the above
  • Save and Load functionality that stores the state of everything that the Skills Tree Component needs to know

Technical Details

To integrate the Skills Tree into your character just add the Skills Tree Component and follow the instructions in the documentation which are available here.

The entire C++ source code is included so you can modify the plugin to suit your needs.

In case you want to add a sample action bar and cast bar, check out my GitHub repository to find these Blueprint Widgets ready.

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