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Puzzle Game is a 1st person game that simulates escape rooms puzzles. You have to solve a puzzle in order to escape from the space you’re currently locked in.
The goal of the programming design was to end up with a scalable puzzle game that relies on various components.

This project was solo developed, meaning that all the mechanics and game systems were programmed by me.

Here is a breakdown of all the systems and features that reside in this project:

  • Animation Handling for all characters
  • Players movement
  • An inventory system that relies on its own component (BackpackComponent – this system contains partial Blueprint code for texture binding)
  • The BackpackComponent relies on the CharacterRaycastComponent that essentially informs the player if he is able (or not) to interact with the item he’s currently seeing
  • The FootstepComponent communicates with the animation instances in order to handle desired movement SFX
  • An interactable item system that contains all the necessary information about interaction and equip status on the backpack component
  • Three different puzzles:
    • Puzzle #1 (Melody of Torment). The goal of this puzzle is to play the right tune (using interactable items – in the demo this is a piano) in order for a door to open. This puzzle is displayed in the uploaded demo on YouTube
    • Puzzle #2 (Poetic Concerns). The goal of this puzzle is to rotate certain objects in a specific direction in order to escape the room you’re currently in.
    • Puzzle #3 (Room Sliding Puzzle). The goal of this puzzle is to change the position of a set of tiles, however, every tile represents a room inside the game. This means that every time you change the position of a tile, a room inside the game is changing its position too. You have to solve this puzzle in order to escape the house that you’re currently in.
  • Basic AI that guides the player to the next stage of the game

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