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Announcing my first game Mark One

Welcome to the first development log for Mark One, which is a game that I have been working on my own in the past few months. Mark One is a top down Sci-Fi shooter game, heavily influenced by Doom, with twin stick shooter elements. I feel like it’s time to start sharing my work with you, starting with this post. For today, I’m going to share the teaser trailer, a couple of screenshots and gifs as well as the first boss fight!

Teaser Trailer


The game is pretty straightforward:
You’re a highly trained AI agent tasked with the responsibility of disposing bots which have gone rogue.

The gameplay has been designed in a way that encourages you to face multiple enemies at once. As the main player, you’re equipped with various weapons that you can leverage in order to annihilate any enemies that cross your path. In case your weapons run out of ammo you can use your unlimited grenades to hit several enemies and replenish your missing ammo for each weapon.

Mark One Grenade

Has your HP dropped significantly during the fight? You can use your sonic punch and life steal the hp of your hit enemies!

Mark One Sonic Punch

Boss Fight

Take a look at the first boss fight of the alpha verison of game in the following video

In case you liked what you saw, you can support me by wishlisting my game on Steam:

And that’s it for this post! Let me know about your thoughts in the comments below or by contacting me directly via either the contact form here or via my Twitter ( @Orfeasel ) Thanks for reading through my post and for your support!

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