Category: Core Predefined Functions

Tick Function Explanation

The Tick function is called every frame. That is essential as you should not have too many calculations going in that……

EndPlay Function Explanation

Some times you want some custom functionality happen in an Actor when you exit your game. Unreal Engine provides a built-in function which is fired when yout exit your game.

Calling the EndPlay Function

In order to call the EndPlay function from an object you first need to override it. To do that, go to……

BeginPlay and GLog Explanation

While developing, you should have a way to output messages so you can check what’s happening in your game. Unreal Engine provides different ways to do that, so you can choose what is best for your needs. In this tutorial you are going to see the GLog function.

Enabling the Output Log in UE Editor

The message that I’m going……