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Deleting a C++ Class

This workflow was taken from the UE4 answershub. In this tutorial you will find the steps required in order to delete a C++ class from your project.

Deleting a specific C++ Class

In order to delete a C++ class from your project follow the steps below:

  1. Close Visual Studio
  2. Close UE4 Editor
  3. Remove the corresponding .cpp and .h file from your disk in explorer
  4. Remove everything in the folder Binaries
  5. Right click the .uproject file and click Generate Visual Studio project Files
  6. Get back to your normal activity

If an error pops up telling you to rebuild the project when launching the UE4 Editor click “Yes”.


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  1. It’s 2218 year now. Humanity colonized all solar system, teleportation for short distance was invented, everything in the world is driven by AI’s, genetic engineeric defeated all diseases and private space companies is about to make fligts to another stars avaliable for everyone.
    And still, you can’t delete c++ class from Unreal Editor.

    1. AMEN to that. Horrific C++ support. I absolute detest VS and the fact Unreal is using it, instead of having its own internal built in solution. Iteration when working with c++ … is like hell and complete waste of time.

      1. It is using VS just because it ise the best IDE.
        The fact that you can’t delete a c++ class from UE is about UE, not VS !

  2. If your project fails to rebuild when you click “Yes” after reopening it, open your IDE and make sure it compiles and builds there. If you have any errors then you need to resolve those and rebuild before opening UE4.

  3. I think the more relevant method is just close unreal, do what you want with your code and files in your ide and then rebuild.

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