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Creating a C++ Level Blueprint

In this post we’re going to create a level blueprint which is based on a C++ class.

(For this post, I’m using Unreal Engine 4.12.5)

Creating a C++ Level Blueprint

Fortunately, Epic has provided a straightforward way to create a Level Blueprint (which is based on a C++ class):

  1. Add a new C++ class which inherits the LevelScriptActor class
  2. Open up your level blueprint and reparent it to your C++ class

In my case, I’ve created a C++ class named CustomLevelScriptActor (which inherits the LevelScriptActor class). In order to find this class, click on the “Show All Classes” option in the C++ wizard menu.

Then, inside the header file type in a dummy function like the following one:

Save and compile your code.

Switch to UE4 Editor and open up your Level Blueprint. Then, click on Class Settings and reparent your Blueprint to your CustomLevelScriptActor class:

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