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Mark One is a top down Sci-Fi shooter game with twin stick shooter elements and it’s the first game that I have solo developed. Most of the code is written in C++ in Unreal Engine 4.


For this project, I have implemented:

  • A complete AI system that is able to
    • See and hear the player
    • Communicate with other AIs in order to co-operate and spread around the player in an efficient manner
  • Three boss fights
  • Multiple skills that the player can use (Dash mechanics, overwhelming dps skills etc.)
  • Six dfferent weapons that can be leveraged from the player
  • An outline effect for engaged enemies behind walls
  • A environment hiding component that turns down the opacity of the environment in case the player is standing behind it
  • An enemy tracker component that tracks engaged enemies in combat in order to assist the player
  • Various environmental dangers (eg standing turret bots & electricity in the ground)
  • A weapon’s system that manages the player’s equipped weapon
  • A dynamic camera system that adjusts its position based on the player’s movements
  • Other mechanics that were implemented but stripped out of the live build currently:
    • Fog of war
    • Procedurally generated worlds for non boss fights

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