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Bot Arena is an open source AI shooter simulation project created with Unreal Engine 4 and written almost entirely in C++ (all the source code is available at the end of this page). This game simulates the behavior of various AI bots that spawn inside a level. Each bot is a member of a single team (either blue or red) and the team’s goal is to eliminate each other. You can think of the game as a Team Deathmatch between AI players. The following features were implemented:

  • AI senses that include:
    • Hearing and
    • Sight
  • A behavior tree that contains custom:
    • AI Tasks and
    • AI Services
  • Several Environent Queries and Environment Contexts in order for the bots to identify the best location that they need to reach based on several parameters:
    • Their health
    • Ammo count
    • Their enemies position (so they can line of sight them in case they need to retreat)
  • Custom areas and nav links where each bot can decide to either crouch or stand


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