Caveman | C++ RPG Tech Demo

Caveman is a single player RPG Tech Demo. You control a hungry naked Caveman, and your purpose is to navigate through the level, and kill all the wolves. You can kill a wolf using various weapons like placed trap, your club or a bow. Looting them will give you the meat required to cook a healthy meal to live through the day, provided you find a campfire. You should watchout for areas that have low temperature because you will be cold and eventually die. On your way, you will find bushes that hide branches, which can be used to craft items that themselves can produce Flint and Tinder, that can be used to light up fires. Standing by the fires, your heat is increased and you are able to cook the meat you looted from the wolves and stay alive. This tech demo was created by me and Kostas Dokos.

Mechanics & Systems Built:

  • AI for the enemy of the Caveman (wolves).
  • Trap mechanics
  • Temperature zones
  • Wolf stats and combat

All the source code is fully documented and available on github!