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Zombie Shootout is a 3rd Person Roguelike Shooter. You battle your way through unlimited waves of zombies in a random generated dungeon. Since in each wave the zombies deal more damage you should make the most of your Powerups (Double Damage Buffs – Health Kits) and Ammo.

Your ammo consists of three types:

    1. Ordinary Bullets (flat damage)
    2. Incendiary Bullets (damage over-time effect on zombies)
    3. Frost Bullets (slow effect on zombies)

The Health kits have two types:

  1. Instant flat heal
  2. Over-time heal effect

This tech demo was created by me and Kostas Dokos. I created the following systems:

  • AI System for zombies
  • Melee combat system for zombies
  • All the powerups (Double Damage buff, both healthkits and all the ammo types)
  • Custom spawn system – Each time you run the game zombies spawn points, ammo boxes, healthkits and double damage buffs appear on different places
  • Wave and zombie enhancement system

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