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A day with Timmy is a serious game about people with ADHD. It includes 3 mini games that track the interaction between the users and the application itself. Based on the recorded statistics the application can associate various user behaviors with the Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and detect possible anomalies which may suggest that he or she suffers from ADHD. Each game is designed to track a single symptom of ADHD and adjusts its difficulty on the fly, based on the user’s progress in real time. The mini games include:

  • An obstacle race. The user has to finish the track avoiding the randomly placed obstacles along the way. People with ADHD have trouble focusing their attention at a single task so in this mini game we’re actually record any obstacle collisions that may have been caused from lack of attention based on the user’s side.
  • A delivery game. People with ADHD have trouble following and completing a given set of instructions. In this minigame the user has to deliver a certain amount of items to various people around the city. This minigame tracks possible mistakes that the user made regarding both the route that he or she followed as well as the items that he/she delivered to each client and displays the results at the end of the activity.
  • A match 3 minigame that tracks the attention and focus of the user to a single task.


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